advice on these specs? PLZ HELP IMPORTANT

im building a gaming rig are these good specs for current gen games ??

mobo :gigabyte
cpu:CPU i5-3570k
RAM:8gb ram
graphics card: geforce gtx 650 1gb
750gb HD
windows 7 ultimate 64

what do you guys think? good
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  1. Hi :)

    Most is fine but for gaming you NEED a better graphics card...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. any suggestions
  3. Budget for the card needs to be doubled , at least...
  4. any specific cards in mind?
  5. is the geforce gtx 650 2gb enough?


    is the gtx 680 2gb better ?
  6. i need a good card fast im buyinng the hardware in less than 2 hours
  7. puma4664 said:
    i need a good card fast im buyinng the hardware in less than 2 hours

    Hi :)

    Yes a 680 or 690 would be a LOT better....

    All the best Brett :)
  8. The 650 & 680 are not even close in price or performance. Whats your budget?
  9. Yeah Brett. Depending what games he wants to play a 650 would be more than enough. Buying a friggen GTX 690 would be a waste of money if all he wants to do is play Minecraft or something.
  10. i want it for games like
    generals c&c
    gta 4
    counter strike
    or CoD

    i dont wanna waste onet is the gtx 650 1 or 2 gb better

    or would it be better to buy the 680gtx
    im askin alot bcz i dont wanna waste money
  11. stop duplicate posting...
  12. so tell me for these games would gtx 650 2 gb be fine or should i go for the gtx 680
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