How fast can the XP 3000 go?

Ive got the XP 3000, and i get get it to 2.25 Ghz. Any further than that and the comp goes into safe mode. I would like to know how to avoid this as i want to crank it up when i get better cooling, maybe try water cooling. Anyone got any good suggestions for good waer cooling?
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  1. Most of the 2500+ Bartons do 2200MHz easily. And some good ones go upto 2500MHz and beyond. what does the core look like? Is it Grey? or grey with a tinge of purple/pink or green?

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  2. You shouldnt need water cooling, unless you plan on running it on a high voltage for a long time. My 2500 does 2.3ghz on 1.8v, idles at 47c and runs loaded at 52C. For the untimate air cooling setup, get the slk900 and some arctic ceramique compound and even on 1.85-1.9 volts it should keep it well cool...

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