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Without going into too much detail, I have a windows 7 and love using it and enjoy it very much. But I am now employed at an office, in which I must use the OS Mac.

I wasn't happy about this because I couldn't use the desktop to play games (BF3, MW3, Skyrim, etc.) anymore with Mac. Until I heard about Bootcamp, and how I can partition my HD to boot up windows when I want to play my games.

So lets say I have a 1TB HD, and I partition 500 GB dedicated to the Mac OS, and 500 GB to the windows OS. Is it possible for me to do my work on the Mac OS, and when I play my games to just boot up the windows.

If this sounds too confusing, I can try and explain it more clearly. Thanks!
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  1. Anyone?
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    Yes it is possible, I installed windows 7 on my partition and have been playing games off it for years now. Switching back to mac when needed. :D
    All that separates the two operating systems is a restart.

    BUT first, are you using a Mac computer or just a normal windows pc?
  3. It will be a normal windows PC.
  4. Hackintosh one disk, Windows another disk is the easiest approach.

    For Hackintosh advice, see sticky.
  5. IMO, getting my build together. Installing Mac OS X on the HD, then partitioning windows on half of it would be easy. Right?
  6. Simple answer:

    On a Mac, yes.

    On a normal box, no.
  7. I guess my question would be, does Mac OS X have any hardware limitations. Like is there some computer parts that wouldn't not be compatible with Mac? If so, is there a list?
  8. Not sure if this is even important, but the rig I want the Mac OS to go on hasn't even been built. I will be buying them all separate then building the rig myself. Reason for me asking if there were hardware limitations.
  9. Of course there are hardware limitations. General rule is if it's not sold by apple, it won't run. Unless you have endless time to fix problems and drivers, AMD will NEVER work as hackintosh.
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  11. For goodness sake don't use a Hackintosh for work applications. You may get it to run initially, on a limited subset of PC hardware, but there is no guarantee at all that you will be able to apply patches to the OS, far less upgrades to newer versions. OS X security is not as good as Windows at the best of times, but un unpatched OS X ...?
  12. My biggest worry is the computer dying of a glitch.
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