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Hey guys,
I have a Raidmax aluminum case. It came with a 400 watt no name PSU. My specs are...

P4 2.4c @ 3.0
ASUS p4p800dx
512 MB Geil PC4000 Golden dragon
Zalman 7000cu cooler
ATI Radeon 9500 (somtimes O/Ced)
2 Maxtor 7200 rpm 8mb cach 60 gig HD (may add a third)
2 optical drives
SB Audigy 2
Delta 66 sound card with omni studio
3 case fans
Floppy drive

I'm wodering if the PSU may limiting my over clock. If I up the voltage on my CPU to 1.6v. I can get my CPU to 3.2 and maybe higher. But it is not stable in prime 95. Sandra benchmarks run ok.

Right now I have my CPU 254FSB and only ran prime 95 for 9 minuites before I got an error. At 250FSB it can run all night with no erors. I noticed when running Prime 95 my voltags fluctuate some. My vcore is set to auto right now.

Vcore 1.488-1.504
12v 11.725-11.916
5v 5.053-5.08
3.3v 3.264-3.28

With the exception of the 5v all voltages are lower than spec. I don't notce the fans slowing down when the cdrom spins up.

What do you guys think? Is my PSU a problem?
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  1. You could always try to run your system with only your primary harddrive and non-O/Ced graphics to see if there´s a change? IMO that 12v is a bit too low.

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  2. If I were you I'd get a brand 450 psu because it's just worth it, you'll get what you paid for.

    I hate Computers! My P4 2.4C won't go above 3840mhz. My Sapphire 9800pro core/mem speed won't go above 490/790. I really hate computers!
  3. Ok thanks for the replies. I may get a new PSU. Still thinking. I can't run with one HD because I have them in raid 0.

    P4 2.4c @ 3.0
    ASUS P4P800 dx
    Geil pc4000 2.5,3,3,6 250FSB 1:1
    Radeon 9500 non-pro
    2 Maxtor 60gig 7200rpm 8mb cach in raid 0
    SB Audigy 2
    Maudio delta 66 with omni studio
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