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Hey! I built my PC a little over a year ago now. I am having this consistent problem in my PC gaming experience that is making it difficult to play my games. Whenever I play a game, everything in the screen "skips." I don't really know how else to put it. Using fraps it says my frame-rate is perfectly fine (Max Payne 3 runs at an average of 60fps, yet it is the game I play where this issue is most noticeable.) I first noticed this when I kept messing up my aim in shootin games. The aim crosshairs would skip around, almost like I was having high latency in a multiplayer game. I was extremely frusterated with this and assumed my Razer Deathadder was the cause. I then proceeded to switch the mouse to an old shitty wireless laptop mouse just to make sure the mouse was the issue. It wasn't. The problem still persisted even with another mouse. I was then playing GTA IV when, upon further inspection, the whole game was doing these skips. Citizens would just walk around like a chunk of their walking animation was removed. This happens in every game I play. It renders third person shooters near impossible to play, and ruins the experience in first person games. So far, I have tried to update the mouse and video drivers, and format my hard drive, which did nothing. When I tried watching a movie on my computer, the problem did not seem to exist. Please. This problem is extremely frustrating and I'm desperate for a fix. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. My specs: GPU: Radeon 6950 2gb. CPU: Phenom II x4 965. Ram 4gb 1600mhz. OS: Windows 7 64-bit. Psu: 750w.
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  1. Do you think your monitor could be the cause / problem? Also is your cpu relatively new or quite old ? I'm not too knowledgeable on AMD Phenom CPU models.

    Hope I helped
  2. I tried switching to another monitor, and the problem still persisted. My CPU is a little over a year old now.
  3. Try putting the graphic settings at the absolute lowest you can. See if it still happens. Also If there is anyway to see how much RAM and CPU is being used while playing a game do that to see what the peaks are. If windows has to dip into the page file you will see problems. I am a Geforce user and im not sure if the Radeon driver install program has a "clean install" option. If you notice it still does it on the lowest settings then completely remove your display drivers and then re install them to make sure there is no corruption. This is different than just updating them.
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