Minecraft port not open

Hi, my minecraft port isn't open so people cant join my server. Ive set up a static ip: picture attached, and i also port forwarded, picture also attached. When i use a portchecker, it always says my TCP/UCP port is not open. (picture attached) i run windows 7, have a netgear router. help?
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  1. bump
  2. Happens to me too. I have a D-Link.
  3. anyway to fix it?
  4. please anyone? really buggin me
  5. come on please i really wanna play ):
  6. bumppppppp bump bump bump bimp
  7. Your going to get in trouble if you keep bumping. It's against the rules.
  8. bump bumpity bump bump bump bump bumpity *** bump HELp bump
  9. Seriously.
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