PC freezes when running games.

I've recently swapped my Mobo and CPU to a i7 930 and a Asus p658d-e and have started freezing in games. The PC runs at roughly 50 degrees in games and 40 degrees in idle so i'm guessing its not overheating.

Any suggestions?

4gb hyper x ddr 3 1333
ASUS p6x58d-e
i7 930 2.8ghz quad core (8 threads) runs at 2.9ghz in games.
Sapphire HD 6770
500 watt PSU
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  1. First off, make sure your BIOS and drivers are up to date. Here's the link to do so: http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_1366/P6X58DE/#download

    Secondly, is is your whole computer that freezes, or merely your games. If it's just the game, then it's most likely software related. If it's your whole computer, it MIGHT be hardware related. Check to see that there aren't any loose wires or not-quite-seated parts.
  2. The parts to isolate would be:
    - motherboard (including chipset drivers)
    - video card (including its drivers too)
    - power supply unit (noticed that model wasn't specified).

    Running a MemTest86+ overnight may help to confirm it isn't mobo/RAM related.
    - Usually freezes aren't but it happens often enough now that it's worth checking since it's an easy test to run if you have no ideas.
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