Xbox wired controller - left/right analog press doesn't work (on PC)

I bought an xbox wired controller to play games on pc. But the left/right analog stick when you click it down, it doesn't work. Should I press harder or can I fix it myself? Or should I get my controller to service?
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  1. Usually when playing PC games,the Analog stick buttons are usually never used on PC games,also depends on what PC games you're playing since some do have compatibilty issues or are half compatible,try it out on you're 360 on games that use those buttons and if they don't work,try sending it back to the companie that made you're controller for repair or get you're money back for a another one if you recently bought it
  2. Dont you need a driver to convert xbox keys to keyboard keys?
  3. Thanks, but I was the idiot. I had to press the button harder. I was afraid that I break something important :)
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