I really want to get a Xbox 3600 for Halo 4 but

I heard the Xbox 720 a.k.a Krptos(spelling?) is coming out fall 2013. Do you think its a good idea to wait? And say i want to sell the xbox 360 when the 720 comes out, would i at least be able to get around 50 bucks or more if i tried selling it on ebay etc.?

One more thing, does halo 4 have 4 player splitscreen offline?
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  1. ... or you could just build a PC with a Radeon HD77## series video card and not wait.
    - If Halo 4 is available on PC.

    That's the GPU that the Xbox 720 will be getting (approximately).
  2. Just buy a used 360 and sell it when the 720 comes out. Noone can say if the 360 is worth 50 bucks in nearly one year, but it could be.
  3. I don't doubt you'd be able to pull 50$ from a 360 next year. Especially if you include games (I don't remember whether 360 games will work in the 720)

    Personally, I generally wait on all new consoles before buying one. Mainly because the first 6 months are always full of advertised and publicly unknown versions of the console being released due to fixes and errors. They all do it, every time.
  4. absolutely nothing has been made official about the new consoles. I would wait until CES this January to see if any mention is made (probably not). Then go get a used xbox. you can find them all over for $100 on craigslist.
  5. The new Xbox has a tentative release date of Q4 2013. If you've got the $100 for a used 360, I say go for it. Craigslist is your friend. Should you buy one new? No. Stick to used.

    For instance, as much as I love PC Gaming, I love my Xbox 360. I sold my Slim 4gb about 4 months ago and missed it so much that I went on Craigslist and got a MW2 Special Edition 250gb with one controller, COD Black Ops & COD MW3 for $140. Money well spent.
  6. I think you should get a used / cheap new 360. Halo 4 is great and does have offline splitscreen.
  7. halo 4 splitscreen is cool. I enjoyed it but the campaign is far too short. Was a bit disappointed because for someone like me, who don't want to spend time in Multiplayer, it is overprized.
  8. 343 studios did a good job on the game, i didnt end up playing through the whole game just because im kinda halo'd out, but liked it most since original halo which has always been my favourite
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