Overclocking my FSB on my new PC

I recently purchased a 2.4C Pentium IV, Kingston HyperX3500 (512mb worth x256) and a Gigabyte 8KNXP. I was wondering how do I go about overclocking the FSB to around the region of 900-950? Is it based on the timings of my memory or is it based on how high I overclock my CPU. Say I take my 2.4 to a 3.2. Will the FSB overclock with that or is that a seperate factor? All advice is welcome here. On a side note I have 7 80mm fans and a Vantec AeroFlow VP4-C7040 for the CPU.

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  1. If I were you I'd get 3.3 just to make yourself happy since then you'll have the best p4 cpu. use memory ratio of 5:4 means FSB:DRAM frequency Then turn FSB up to 275, Vcore at default, and Vdimm at 2.7 with SPD memory timing. That'll get you 1100FSB, which makes ur cpu 3300mhz. Eventhough your FSB's at 275 your ram's only at 220mhz which your rated 215mhz should be able to overclock to. Try this if there's any problem let us know.

    -Intel PIV 2.4C @ 3.84G -Asus P4P800 -OCZ Gold 2x256 3700EL memory @ 256mhz 2.5-3-3-7 -Sapphire 9800pro @ 490/780 -SB audigy -80G Maxtor Diamond Plus9 Ultra ATA-133 hdd -450 Enermax PSU
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