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Erm, I upgraded my win ME to win XP beta 2, and i had a problem with my geforce 2 drivers. I couldn`t play HL or Quake beacause it didn`t recongnized my OpenGL..
I tried to install the nvidia drivers for win2000, winNT, but it always said, that the drivers i had were a closer match..
Anyone knows any drivers that work, and can be installed? or someway to force the win to install the drivers?

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  1. To fix the problem, all you need to do is take the XP OS (eXtra Piece Of Shyt) because its not worth the hard drive space its taking up. Thus far, M$ has decided that it's going to be more bloated and resource intensive than both 98 and NT, plus you're going to hafto buy a new copy of it everytime you upgrade any major system components because of it's jacked up copywrite protection methods. If you want to get your stuff working. Put a real OS on it. That'll probably help.

  2. I read that XP has problems with allowing users to choose their own drivers. There is away. Just force the nvidia drivers in. If that doesn't work through "update driver" then overwrite the current drivers in whatever directory their in (in windows, they're in windows/system).

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