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I am about to get the parts and build a pc. However, there is now the question of which OS to get. Unfortunately, the $40 upgrade promotion thing only applies to upgrades from XP, Vista or 7. This means that i have to buy the OEM version of windows 8 instead of the promotional download. Coincidentally, windows 7 and Windows 8 both cost the same OEM (both $95).

In any case, i was wondering which one to go with for a new computer (i can provide specs if they are needed).

Also, if anyone had any ideas about how to get the $40 promotional price without buying 7/Vista/Xp, that would be great as i then i could get an OS for only that much.

My new computer is also not a touchscreen.

Ty in advance for any help.
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  1. i know that...
  2. I would suggest installing the windows 8 trial and seeing if you like it first.

    Note that windows 8 should include downgrade rights to windows 7, and you can reinstall 8 at anytime as you own the license, so buying 7 doesn't make a ton of sense. But you have to jump through some hoops and call Microsoft etc, so if you really don't like 8 just getting 7 is easier.

    Info on downgrade rights. Obviously read through and make sure they will work for you before purchasing if you might want to downgrade
  3. Hi, and thanks for your reply.

    So pretty much, if i buy 8, it comes with the option to downgrade to Windows 7 Professional. How though, would i be able to install windows 7? Does it already come loaded on the windows 8 installation disk or does microsoft have to mail you a separate disk? Then, i could just upgrade again to windows 8 if i wanted because i already have my own product key.

    Correct me there if i am wrong.

    In the licencing T&C's you listed above, it says:
    "To downgrade Microsoft Windows or Windows Server software, customers must:
    Purchase a PC preinstalled with Windows or Windows Server software." (as one of the conditions for downgrade eligibiltiy.)

    Would this be fine though if i just had the OEM version of 8 (as in how would they know if i had a prebuilt or custom built system)?

    Thanks again

    EDIT: I noticed that it also said you had to have Windows 8 Pro preinstalled, which means that i would have to buy Pro which costs an exta $50 so... it think probably not then
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    I think they would have to honor it as its OEM. Want sure if you were looking at pro or not, as I just knew the $40 upgrade was pro. Their instructions say to install 7 then call to activate. Official Windows 7 ISOs are available here


    This is the jumping through hoops and dealing with Microsoft part, which might be a pain, and why I suggest you try the eval version of 8 first, and just get what you like. If Pro really is 50 more it would actually be cheaper to buy 7, then the 8 pro upgrade for 40 anyway if you wanted both options, and less tricky/hassle
  5. First off, if you are using a computer with a mouse and keyboard and dont want to use it primarily as a media/theater pc, and you want to do more office work, windows 7 is better. 8 is more of a tablet style feel. Some people like it, as its 'easier' to use, but for people that dont have problems navigating a desktop and folders and windows, windows 7 is preferred.

    As for buying your OS, either just buy it normally or dont, anything in between is not a good idea.
  6. Yeah, ill probably just go with 7 then, i dont really want to waste my time getting 8 and then wishing i had got 7.

    Ty for help guys.
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