How do you used two hard drives for laptop

my name is Anthony Russell, and I would like some information on useing two hard drives in a laptop. Could you please tell me how to do that. I thank you for you reponse
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  1. Hello ATR1153;
    Some of the bigger 17" laptops actually have two hard drive bays that allow 2 drives to by physically installed inside the laptop.
    For most laptops you'll be using a 2nd hard drive as a removable, external drive, usually plugged in by the USB port.
    If you already have the hard disk you can buy an inexpensive case to hold the drive with the proper connections.
    Just be sure to use the right type of case for your HDD.
  2. Right now you can get a basic 120GB HDD external USB HDD for about $20 Western Digital Elements 120GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive

    If you already have a 2.5" laptop SATA HDD to use you can get a simple case like BYTECC BT-280U2-SL Aluminum 2.5" USB 2.0 External Enclosure

    And there are 3.5" HDD cases: BYTECC ME350V4-ISA-BK Aluminum 3.5" USB 2.0 External Enclosure. This model can take either the older IDE HDDs or newer style SATA HDDs. It had a separate power brick.

  3. I have 2 in my laptop, chipset doesn't support hardware raid, so I used Win7 to create a software raid. If there is a performance hit, can't detect it.
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