Major lack-of-vsync-like tearing with DirectX 11 games

Hi. I post this in order to get your help on a issue I'm having, that’s been plaguing me since I've had my laptop. It’s a sweet computer -

4gb RAM
2.1gz Duel Core I3
Intel® HD Graphics
AMD Radeon HD 6400m (I believe it’s a 6470? Its higher than 6450 for sure)

(Note that while I know this is vague for the graphics cards, it comes right from Computer Management / DxDiag. After posting this I will go a-hunting for more info)

Other than the CPU, which would be nice if it had .3gz or so more, it’s a great computer. Right up until you get to the part where you find out its brand "HP Pavilion G6"

Its got the "lovely" switchable graphics thing that HP love to give people. And naturally the G6 Pavilion is the only series which HP have not (much to the hate of their customers) released a update to allow for disabling of the Intel card. Thus this means:

Cant update the Radeon using ATI / AMD drivers (always get the names mixed up, please excuse) because the installer can only find the Intel card, which is because the Radeon in fact goes THORUGH the Intel (and is thus why you cant just disable the Intel card yourself)

Which is a major pain. Now here is the issue:

My card can handle DirectX 11 just fine. And does - every once and a while.

I have this really major issue, that I think looks like tearing (could be stuttering) and like the game going at 1 fps per second. Now before everyone starts yelling at me because "You just have to turn on Vsync" that’s just it - Vsync has NO EFFECT. Its like the game takes one look, goes "Oh turn Vsync on… Ok.. WAIT, I'm running in DirectX 11 mode, so I wont"

It’s a massive pain, because it only happens to Direct X 11 games, proven by if I run Borderlands in Direct X 9 mode, its fine, but once I change it to 11. The issue pops up

The reason I'm only just asking around is because I've gotten AC3, which should work, but it’s not, and I'm just sick of not being able to find an answer. Is there anyone out there who can help?

I'm going to see if I can record the issue with Fraps and then upload it to youtube, so people can make their own choice on the name of the issue.

Also while I don’t trust the combo of HP Switchable + Catalyst CC, I have set AC3 (and all games before it) to "High Performance" which SHOULD mean games use the Radeon, however it never fixes the issue (It does make the games go a bit faster / better however, but that is what should happen)

I have my Laptop setup so it remains cool. Just changed its layout to aid airflow because of heat (Wasn’t crashing, just didn’t like the temp the keyboard got to)

Just a recap / info on computer specs and programs:

4gb RAM
2.1gz Duel Core I3
Intel® HD Graphics
AMD Radeon HD 6400m (I believe it’s a 6470? Its higher than 6450 for sure)

Common background programs:
Chrome (with Gmail and Steam Store page open)
Steam Overlay (Sometimes, and this time with AC3)
Logitech G930 Headset Settings (Shouldn't have an effect as issue was before I got the headset + software)

Games this issue happens with:
Borderlands (When set to use DirectX 11)
A Game Of Dwarves (not as bad as the others, if its in windowed mode is VERY playable, with slight tearing)
Assassins Creed 3
Just Cause 2 (I did find a "fix" or something at one point - I say something because I remember the issue was present the first time I played it, then the second time when I went back - some time later - the tearing was gone, then the third time - again some time later - It was back)

I believe there are one or two other games its happened to, however Crysis 2 runs fine (that may not be relevint, but I belive I remember something about Cysis 2 not having DirectX 9)

Thanks in advance for any and all time spend in helping me with this issue
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  1. Not sure what your problem could be. I have never had an HP laptop so I wouldn't have much experience with the "switchable" graphics, as you like to call it :).

    Can you set other games down to DX9 and see if the same issue appears?

    If you say that the AMD card works through the intel chipset, then i'm not sure there is much you can do, but like I said I haven't had much experience in this area.
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