NEW MEM : how much FPS will i get when i play this game on this laptop

:hello: So how many specs will i get when i play this game on my laptop ?

Windows 7 ultimate
64 bit operating system
intel core i3 m380 2.53 GHz
3.80 GB Ram
intel HD Graphics

I was in Yahoo answer's but i have come to tom so i can get better if i like it and if the answers r good i might stay on this site for a while .. :) so thanks for answering in adavance hope this site is good ! :)
guys the game is battlefield 3 pc
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  1. WHICH game ?
  2. i'm hope in for 30 to 25 or ever 20 which do u think ill get ?
  3. ops battlefield 3 pc
  4. Roshanmathews said:
    ops battlefield 3 pc

    Hi :)

    With those graphics you will be lucky to get will be a slideshow at best...

    All the best Brett :)
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