Call of Duty BO II key code has already been activated?!

Hello, as you all know, christmas has just gone by, and I received CallofDuty:Black Ops II + 2025 Nuketown, this was a retail version, brand new, and it says when activating my code that its already in use?! I mean WTF?! How do i sort this out, ive been so eager to play the game and now this **** is stopping me! How do i fix it?!
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  1. Go back to the retailer and tell them or contact Treyarch or Activision and tell them what happened.
  2. email activation the 1 given in the back of your manual. better still phone em number for your redion is also in the manual.
    explain your situation and ask them to reset the activation to your pc.
    chances are they will just chat for a few asking a few questions and reset your key.
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