PS3 setup help.

Got my PS3 yesterday.

Currently using an SDTV that's older than I am.

I have a Samsung 21.5 inch 1080p monitor that I use for PC gaming. I want to use it for my PS3. It does not support HDMI though, so I need a DVI to HDMI cable.

What would such a cable look like? And how do I get sound then? I have speakers, but how do I connect them to my PS3?
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  1. Something like this:

    Not sure about sound setup, though. What ports does your PS3 have?
  2. For sound you will need to use your optical out if you use the HDMI out from the PS3. There are some HDMI to DVI cables that also have a sound splitter and while harder to find will likely be your best option because I doubt your speakers have an optical input so then you are looking at another adapter to go from optical to rca/3.5 mm etc.

    Your other option is to find a PS3 compatible headset. I have the turtle beaches that are wireless and have an optical input/output on the stand and they seem to work pretty well if not a bit overpriced. Good luck!!

    Here is what it would look like:
  3. Plug in hdmi to vga converter.Get an optical cable for sound and convert that into a jack cable.Audio can now be used by headphones, or speakers with a poweroutlet connector and headphone jack.
  4. There are two types of version on PS3 so first you choose your preferable version. Recently PS3 provide a external hard drives, so you always have the option to use any place. By the internet you can get a batter suggestion to setup PS3 version.
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