Best Gaming Headset, Needs to be wireless and New Keyboard.

Hello, I am looking for a new gaming headset prefer for it to be under $150 and I want it to last me a year or so without swapping(I upgrade often). I currently have the Razer Carcharias headset but I really do not like cables and I cant really walk around with them. With that being said, Let me know what headset you prefer.

I currently have a lycosa(which I love to death) but a lot of the keys are wearing down, and the W Key sometimes works sometimes doesn't(which is a nightmare for any gamer) so I need a new keyboard, Was thinking black widow ultimate 2013 edition, Pricing is the same as the Headset.

Any help is much appreciated.

P.S- First post on something like this so I don't know if im in the wrong section!
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  1. Well I was just about to make a post about headset too, since there is too much options and I am very picky about them.

    But for the keyboard, go mechanical keyboard.
    I bought my steelseries mechanical keyboard and man... best thing ever. It is heavy, sturdy with a metal frame and you could probably defend urself against horde of zombies with it, but its a beast. No noticable latency, gold contacts and a gold plated usb cable. I love it, and if it ever breaks which I dont think it will i am buying something similar to this for sure. Only cons about it are:
    -Shorter right "shift" key. Idk why they did it, for the first week it was driving me nuts. After that I kinda got used to it. And now, I dont even notice a difference there, so if ur worrying about it trust me u gonna get used to it rly rly quickly
    -No extra macro keys. I dont know do you use macro keys (I use traditional combination of 2 keys anyways so it a good thing for me :) because this one doesnt have any.
    -Rly loud :) Im buying headsets with rly good ambient sound supression so I dont even hear it, but other ppl around usually complain when I go hard core on it.

    So im not sure are you looking for nice design or any particular features for ur keyboard cause this one has nothing special beside being a beast.
    I strongly recommend mechanical keyboards for every1.
  2. I was thinking Black widow my friend has it and says he loves it. His quote is "you feel like your going to win", Headset same boat with you I might get the G930's but I hear there is a reception issue.
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