PS3 and an LG monitor....

Hello, I'm having a COMPLETE and utter failure getting my PS3 to play on my moniter.

So I have an LG227WTG 22" 1680x1050 monitor, a rocketfish HDMI to DVI adapter, an HDMI cable, and an official PS3 component cable (for sound).

I know the cables work and the adapter as well. (Xbox 360 is plug and play, and the PS3 works fine on a TV) However, no matter what I do I cannot get an image on my monitor from the PS3.

I have tried the "hold down the button for 2 beeps", the "manually set the image to 720/480 on your system via the TV 1st", and the "power off and unplug EVERYTHING including power to both monitor and system and pray while it powers up again" option.... All I get on my monitor is the "Check signal cable" blue box.

Again the monitor is an LG227wtg Flatron (1680x1050) and the PS3 is a model No. CECH-2001A. Thanks in advance for any input on this matter, I've been scouring forums to no avail all night.
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  1. put ur tv and monitor side by side and set the image to 720 p and connect the ps3 right away to the monitor without turning of the ps3 and see if it works
  2. Erm, That would be a major project... and each time I've plugged it into my TV it has remembered the fact that I set it to 480 or 720 as I've tried both..... If worst comes to worst I'll try this once for the sake of science, but I'd rather not haul a TV down 2 flights of stairs every time I want to play the ps3 at my desk. -.-'
  3. Maybe its your monitor's resolution and its not in 1080p or 720p.
  4. Ps3 can only do 360p,720, and 1080p.Monitors can have all sort of funky numbers.
  5. Solved! via weeks of that nagging you-know-it-works-somehow thought in the back of my head. Posted fix on this thread here.

    Thanks to all those that posted, they may not have been the solution, but they kept that nag in my head longer :P
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