Cod blackops 2 error shows windows not responding

please help me...i'm using windows runs for a few mins but then shows windows has stopped working.....
i'm using intel hd graphics 3000 and nvidia 610m.....plzzzz hlp m.....
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  1. doesnt work on windows 8. wait for a patch or switch back to windows 7.
    oh not only that the gfx is not officially supported and you will be lucky to get a wrokable fps at 1280/720 on anything more than minimum. even then expect fps droop.
    you want to play games then get a better gfx card. yours is a video card nothing more.
    you can play sim city and battleships. but cod, bf3 and so on are just way beyond what gfx performance you have.
    you have a workplace laptop not a gaming laptop and by trying to play cod BO2 your expecting it to be top draw when its doing something its not designed for... that lappy is for browsing the net, spread sheets and hd video not games...
  2. I have completed half of the was wrking properly before a day in windows is problem occured....i;m able to play the game for a few mins smoothly...plzzz hlp m sir...
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