Big problems with Compaq Presario R3000

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Hey everybody,
I have a compaq presario R3000 laptop here that is having some trouble.
It all began when i downloaded a windows update about 4 weeks ago.
Immediately after I downloaded it the computer crashed and never let me back
into windows, even in safe mode. So I repaired with the windows OS cd and
reloaded all the drivers and applications and that was fine.. I didn't even
lose all my files. However at this point I had to leave for two weeks...
when I came back, I went to try and listen to some music and it wouldn't
even let me in the folder, saying access is denied (I have still not gotten
in there at this point). Then I tried to install Norton Antivirus 2005 and
that refused to install as well, even after multiple tries.
I was tired of all this, so I saved all the pictures onto CD's and was
going to just reformat the whole thing and start fresh but when I tried to
do that, I got a message saying it was impossible because the volume is in
use. I don't know what to do at this point...
Any help is appreciated, thanks a lot.


Oh, also, I lost everything a couple months before this as well when my
harddrive crashed and consistently failed both the short and long test, and
never let me back into windows again. Compaq supposedly replaced the
harddrive though.. I don't know if thats related to this at all.
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.compaq (More info?)

    Sounds like a drive read/write issue or bad sectors. Are you sure they
    didnt just load the OS again? Were seeing major problems on these and
    one is a hard drive failure just after warranty.. (Think its thermal
    and voltage is spiking for the drive line).. Do you ever get a BSOD?
    Let me know as we will see more I believe.. Ken
  2. The first issue i had with my R3000 was the HDD also, it would sound like a turbine jet engine was starting up when it would power up.

    the second and most critical was one of the two cpu cooling fans stopped working, which caused my CPU to over heat and consequently shut my laptop down after a whole 30 seconds or support initialy had me update the BIOS......that didnt work.......then i replaced the fan, what a pain that was and $80.......that didnt support now says its a MoBo issue and that i should replace that. Of course this happened less than two months after the warranty was up.

    Its not worth trying to fix this anymore........stupid HP / Compaq products
  3. Odd I have had mine for well over a year...My parents also have one...also a few friends have them..all over a year old... the only problem I had was the battery crapped out. So hp sent me a nice new one :)
    sorry for that bad luck. On the plus side if it's the hard drive u can grab a new one for cheap. hp only recomends up to 5400 rpm tho...
  4. i dont know why they would limit the speed of the HDD , even with faster drives the data transfer rate would not exceed to IDE data transfer rate.

    im rollin a 7200 rpm in there now, seems to work fine, except for the stupid hardware problems mentioned earlier.

    Im looking at a DELL with duo core, 17" the one thing i like about my HP is the 1920x1200, where as the dell only goes up to 1600x1200 resolution.
  5. Quote:
    i dont know why they would limit the speed of the HDD , even with faster drives the data transfer rate would not exceed to IDE data transfer rate.

    They do that to avoid excess heat. A good cool 7200 will be fine. Was just going with what hp says.
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