HD6770M - What performance should I expect on this laptop?

I have the following laptop:

With an i7 and an AMD Radeon HD 6770M, what max performance can I expect on this lappy?
Say, for example, what FPS cn i expect on BF3 Ultra settings, 4x msaa ?

Also, cn u tell me a Radeon HD card that has perf similar to mine?

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Hi :)

    It wont play BF3 on Ultra.... :(

    All the best Brett :)
  2. wht do u mean "it won't play" ?
    I get around 20 fps... Is that the max I shud expect?
  3. ive got a discrete 6670 and that plays bf3 on med at playable rates yours is next model - generation up so thats good but its mobile so thats bad.....id say (and stand to be corrected) that it should perform about as well as a 6670 wich is about the min required to play new games at low-med settings
  4. stunpayne said:
    wht do u mean "it won't play" ?
    I get around 20 fps... Is that the max I shud expect?

    Hi :)

    Are you saying you get 20 fps on Ultra on BF3 with everything turned on ??

    I am totally amazed...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. Yeah, but when you "to play new games", what fps are u talking abt?
    wht fps do u get on medium?
  6. Yeah, I get 20 with everything on ultra, 4xmsaa, vsync on, motion blur off, fov 60..
  7. 25-40 is what i get on a 6670 for crysis 2 bf3 far cry 3 a bit lower than that , id expect yours to come in somewhere near rthere- maybe better depending on your screen res im on 1440x900 but yours masybe lower as its a laptop and lower res = faster gaming, so you could even turn the res down if its not playable.
  8. My res is 1366X768...
  9. So, then where does my lappy stand?
    Should I just be satisfied with what I have? Cn it be improved?
  10. turn down msaa etc and put settings to med or high rather than ultra and your good to go with a fair speed up i would imagine
  11. So then, thats's it?
    That's the best I can do, right?
  12. you can run it with all the tinsel and glitter but it takes more time to render + lower frame rate, so get the tinsel off ( christmas gone now!) and it speed it up, if you still arent getting fast enough frame rates drop the res to 800x600 ;)
  13. Dude, cmon! 800X600? :P

    I can get upto 30fps on ultra with msaa off... 800x600 case will never arise :D
  14. not saying to do it im trying to illistrate the point that lower res-tinsel-graphics settings = fps+ it should run half decent though as i said i have a 6670 and im fine on medish settings his should be compareable, better than a 360 though defo
  15. there are programs like game booster that kill background services whilst gaming, that could be something to look into if your not satisfied
    do you have overclocking options in your bios? maybe a speed up to be had there
  16. Hmm ok.. Well, thanks for the help :)
  17. Tried all that, and no, oc not possible.
  18. have you looked into a modded bios? they are available from places like my digital life and biosmods and others, there is risk involved but also reward im just letting you know but proceed with caution
  19. Ok, thanks :)
  20. it will play a lot of games very well. but system killers like bf3 your looking at reduced settings to get 60fps. not a bad gaming laptop. has roughly x2 the grunt of a console.
  21. i think it whould play bf3 on low at maybe 20-30 fps
  22. stunpayne said:
    Tried all that, and no, oc not possible.

    it is a i7 so it is already ocing look into a Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 3.2ghz with Turbo Boost


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