Cool pc games you can play without shader model

i can't seem to find a cheep graphics card that suports the shader model 3, so i'm asking for suggestions of games that i can play without it.

i won't remember this site and i'll probably forget i asked but if you're certain of your input email, thank you

(rpg),(fps), (action), etc.
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  1. this aint how this site works. you could just be an email scammer... if you want a reply then come back and get it then say thank you... if you cant do that then happy days. dont let the door smack you on the way out.

    as for you request... there are no cheap sm3 cards, they went out of production 4 or more years ago. now we have sm4 and 5 both are backwards compatable. but are unlikely to fit in your motherboard unless you have pci-e 1.1 with an nforce 450 chipset as minimum. and the killer is they can be had for as little as $30 for hd video cards and $70
    for entry level gaming.
  2. Look man, I don't even know what that email thing you were talking about is. Now if this is how you talk to people that ask questions calmly, then we got a problem. I asked for games not any software sh**. As for your answer, thank you.
  3. What are your PC specs?
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