Old PC Game - Name is killing me, need to find it?

I have been searching for a video game (name) for two weeks and am losing my mind.

The game was probably from the 90's - I remember playing it prior to 2000. It was one-dimensional, flat sreen, war strategy set in a fantasy time period.

Basic premise was this - there were 8 main "cities" spread out over a map. Colors were red (aztek castle), yellow (mountain), orange (rocks), black (volcano), white (spire castle), blue (castle), light blue (castle), green (forest grove).

You picked which city you wanted to start with and the basic premise was to build your army from your home city and march it on neutral cities, taking them over. You could eventually declare war with the other color cities. You got points for diplomacy, and lower diplomacy meant that cities would declare war on you.

There were predetermined maps and you could generate random maps.

Each city could create set kinds of troops. If you captured a city you took some money. You could sack it (and then not be able to make troops), or raze it (burn it to the ground). The highest kind of troop was an "Archon", basically an angel.

Finally, you could get knights and send them on quests to develop themselves.

I'm making myself crazy.
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  1. Sounds very much like Warlords III. A brilliant game which unfortunately is not available as of yet. There are many of us who would like to give it another go!
  2. Celtic Kings: Rage of War?
  3. age of empires? now that was a realy good pc game and still is.
  4. Heroes of might and magic iii????
  5. Warlords
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