Having slow down with steam on laptop

Topic kinda think i know the problem just looking for a second opinion. My Laptop is
Processor: pentium(r) dual-core cpu t4400 @ 2.20GHz (2CPUs)
Memory: 4096MB Ram
My disply is
Name/chiptype: Mobile Intel(r) 4series express chipset family
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Total Memory 1798mb
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  1. Your problem is? Running the games or just using the Steam app? You probably won't be able to run games released in the last couple of years with those specs, with maybe settings like anti-aliasing enabled.
  2. Your laptop doesn't have a graphics module, just an integrated GPU as part of the chipset.
    - It is a very weak one at that.

    You would be able to run Half-Life (1) games on it, such as Team Fortress Classic
    but certainly not Half-Life 2 or any Source games.

    - Check that you have more than 15% free HDD space.
    - Run a Defrag
    - Run a Check Disk
    - etc.
  3. thanks
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