I have very low fps.

i have the radeon 5450 hd and all the games i try to run including world of tanks and euro truck simulator 2 is working on the lowest settings and with a low fps.. i know that my computer can run those games .. i realized that mybe the new drivers from the amd is making the performance worse. can anyone tell me witch driver can be betteR?
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  1. the gpu is really old AND low end thats why threre is no problem with ur card
  2. if u want to upgrade i can sujust some gpu if u tell the budget
  3. good 1gig gpu are like 650 ti or hd 7770
  4. i really want new pc.. i have ddr 2 ram and core to dual cpu..
    if i will buy new pc so its better to buy 2GB graphic card no?
    also... i can do something to play games also on low ends settings? just need more then 20 fps.. i run euro truck simulator 2 on very low settings and at 75% scale.. and with something like 7 fps
  5. Yes 2GB is better than 1 but cheap cards with 2Gb DDR3 RAM should be avoided as they are not as good as 1Gb cards like the 7770. If you just want to play the games that struggle with good FPS but on low settings a 6670 will do that, if you go for a new build aim for at least a 7850.
  6. Your ddr2 ram also isn't helping the gfx card as it can cause it to bottleneck. Consider a good budget build. most people on these forums can offer good build suggestions if you wanted to provide a budget. you could defiantly build a good pc for around $400-500 USD
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