Random sound lag spikes/slight fps spikes

A few months back I started getting random lag spikes in games. First it was just diablo 3. But now I get it in World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2 and League of legends. When I lag I tend to lock up for 2-4 seconds and the sound lags by repeating itself over and over untill the lag subsides.

Iv test my ram with the software from the person its made by. I have tested my graphics card with furmark, nothing looked wrong there. I have tryed keeping an eye on my computers temperatures and nothing seems to go above what its meant to be.

I've tested my Internet connection several times and I don't seem to have any lag, bad ping or any jitter. Plus not long ago I streamed on twitch.tv with not problems whatsoever.

I've Updated all my drivers to the nearest date. I have done several scans with anti virus/spyware.

My computer stats and internet are.
Model: Dell studio XPS 8100
Graphics card: Nividia GTX 460
Memory: 6144MB ram
Hard drive:2.5TB
Operating Software:Windows 7
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80Ghz (8 CPUs), ~2.8Ghz

The spikes tend to happen whenever they feel like it.

This problem has been driving me mad for months because I just cant seem to put my finger on it.
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  1. Also Just did a disk check on my hard drive so the problem does sit there either.
  2. Is your CPU overclocking at all?

    Are you running in High Performance, a GameBooster Mode, or Balanced power mode?
  3. I'm running in high performance. Although im not using game booster, I have try ed it and it didn't fix the problem
  4. Make sure you're not running any games. Open Resource Monitor, CPU tab. Sort both services and processes by average CPU and maximize the window. Let it idle for ~10 minutes and then take a screenshot of it. Post it here.
  5. Okay I got the screen shot where can I upload it on here or do I need to stick it on imageshack or something for you to see it ?
  6. Yea just upload it to www.imageshack.us just don't forget to select "do not resize" option!
  7. Right I think I showed everything right. Let it run for 10mins as you asked.

    Heres the screenshot: http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/6990/sourcemonitor.jpg
  8. Ok, looks great. It's definitely not background processes that causes the lockup. You said you monitored temperatures, but you never mentioned numbers? How hot is your graphics card and processor going?
  9. These are my idle temps: http://imageshack.us/f/832/tempsj.jpg/
  10. While gaming they increase by about 20 C
  11. Okay. At this time my main suspect is faulty drivers. My suggestion would be to reinstall windows.

    Other possibilities (graphics card, power supply unit and motherboard) are harder to test: they require spare parts.
  12. I have got a pretty decent psu, but the motherboard isn't great. But I don't really want to buy another motherboard unless im certain its the cause of the problem.

    Im not to sure how to reinstall windows, I don't have the disk but I do have the windows key for windows 7.
  13. Here's a guide how to do it:


    Also, if you have USB key, you can use that instead of DVD disc to reinstall windows. You can use this software to make bootable windows installation usb drive:

  14. Reformatted my computer still have the problem, can anyone help me please. I think its gotta be hardware if reformatting didn't work.

    (This has been so painful trying to play heart of the swarm and the Cutsceans keep freezing in parts of them :'(. )
  15. Im bumping up this thread as I still have the problem, and I have a question if someone can answer it.

    Now after testing nearly everything in my computer I have read somewhere on the wow forums of possible hdd problems. Now I have noticed something about my hard drive it is making clicking noises. they are loud enough to be heard by me. it clicks twice about every 3-4 seconds.

    Could this finally be the answer to why my games are getting stuck like a stuck record and getting this slight freezes?

    Would appreciate any help you can give me.


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  16. I would think it is you're hard drive. I have the same problem and i put LOL on an external drive and it use's usb3 and now zero lag :D
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