Dual monitor help?

Hello, I recently started using dual monitors and have come to love it but when I try to full screen a game it pushes into my second monitor.
I've downloaded Actual multiple monitor and Ultramon and played around with the settings but I'm still getting the same pushing problem.
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  1. Go into your monitor settings in personalization and make sure that the monitor that you want your games on is set to your main display. Or the number "1" monitor. This should fix your problem.

    Let me know if this helped or you need more help.
  2. I'm using a Lenovo as my main display but it's coming up as #2 on the list, and an Orion as my second monitor and that's coming up as #1 on my list.
    The Lenovo's resolution is set to 1920x1080
    and the Orion is set to 1600x900 because at 1920x1080 the windows won't fit on the screen.
    I'm still getting the bug with certain full screen games.
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