Realistic Firing Range Game?

I have been obsessed with trying to find a good game (or piece of software, idk) that can give me the realism of bullet drop and wind affected shooting. Preferably at a firing range, without being shot at, otherwise I would just pick up a copy of Sniper Elite V2 ;-)
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  1. I like realistic games that does not regenerate health when getting shot at, anyway try Full Spectrum Warrior :D It's an rts game with 3rd person view.. very realistic IMO.. you can also try the first Ghost Recon that is more also realistic, when you got shot at your leg you walk more slowly.. very old titles but great gameplay :bounce:
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    does the arma 2 firing work on free arma 2, if not arma 2 is available cheaply on steam.
  3. Arma 2: FR was kinda what I was going off of, but i guess I can stop being lazy and make a mission in Arma to simulate a firing range. Just have to find some targets that show where you hit it without falling down :/
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