GTA V on max settings

Is my system good enough to run GTA V maxed out with decent frame rate? I currently run BF3 all hardware and software maxed out with pretty smooth gameplay.

I have an i7 920 2.66ghz oc'd to 3.8ghz using a corsair radiator watercooler.
MB is ASUS p6x58d premium.
PSU is an Antec bronze 850watt.
GPU is an ATI Radeon HD6970 2GB.
RAM is Dominator 6gb 1600mhz 8-8-8-24.

Is there anything that may need upgrading for the release of GTA V in March-April 2013?
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  1. The PC version of GTA V hasn't even been confirmed yet. Odds are like all the other GTA games, it will come out on consoles first, and then we'll get a PC port about 6 months after the console release.

    We really don't know how demanding the game will be. If it is anything like the port of GTA IV, then it will run horribly regardless of what hardware you have.
  2. I hope they make the game extremely hardware demanding since I really enjoy the game visually like a pice of art. I will upgrade everything as needed. The single player storyline isn't exactly why I buy games I honestly just want online multiplayer to be over the top because the way I look at single player is once it is played out it gets boring to me therefore I resort to online.

    It further agitates me that this wonderful game must be visually gutted due to consoles, which is the bane of gaming progression. I only hope is that it is fully optimized for PC and overtakes consoles visually.

    And, the trailers of the game showed features that are exclusive to Windows, and can not yet be attained on any of the consoles. So a PC version must be coming. Just hoping that they do not mess things up while porting the game from the consoles.
  4. i dont think you will require an upgrade

    at least wait for the release before upgrade
  5. The PC version will likely come out sometime after the release for the consoles as it was with GTA IV.

    I would guess the PC port of the GTA V will come out around 9 month later because they need that amount to screw up the port so that you need to wait until 2015 when Intel releases their Skylake CPU and a Radeon HD 11xxx or GTX 9xx series card to play the game on low settings.
  6. With those settings, how well can you run GTA IV?
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