Game runs slowly suddenly after hardware replacement

My laptop is a dell xps 1645, with an i7 q720 and 4 gb ram and ati radeon m 4670. Games like fifa 13 used to run perfectly on my laptop. recently the fan failed and it a few days before i realised it... I started noticing the really slow performance in my games, so i had everything changed from the fan, heatsink, ram, cpu, and motherboard fearing damage to them.

The games though are still slow as they were just before the hardware was replaced.

Not sure what the problem is.

Please help... :(
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  1. Get them to service the unit properly, laptop repairs are notorious for this.
  2. may have damaged the integrated GPU, so the replacements may have done nothing to resolve the issue.
  3. They make a mess of things everytime i ask for help. I was hoping if there was any way of pinpointing the problem because their usual response is change everything again.

    Thank you for your responses
  4. Did you update the drivers? Usually updated drivers help run your component as efficient as possible.
  5. Yes, my drivers are updated
  6. Could you download HWMonitor (, open it, start playing the game, wait for it to start lagging, then alt tab back to the HWMonitor, maximize its window, take a screenshot of it, upload it to (don't forget to select "do not resize" option!) and post the link to it here?
  7. Ouch, looks like overheating. I'd suggest cleaning dust out of it.
  8. As I had mentioned earlier, the whole lot of hardware is new (replaced), hardly a week old. So dust cannot be the issue. The motherboard, the ram, processor, the fan and heatsinks have been replaced.

    Is it that the whole system is overheating or a specific component, because i am not what is the acceptable range.
  9. The graphics card is very hot.

    Anyway, I missed that bit - I'm sorry. Could you tell me whether you didn't forget to reinstall windows when you replaced the motherboard? If you haven't done that, you should, because when installing windows, they kind of tie themselves to the motherboard.
  10. as long as the motherboard is the same chipset normally re-installing is not needed, but it is worth a try, my guess is the GPU is faulty and just overheating, and being integrated a whole mainboard would need to be replaced
  11. I'm trying to get my motherboard replaced. Will update once done...
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