Skyrim crashes before main menu. Need help.

Okay, so my problem is, i just purchased a second Nvidia GTX 670 FTW. Instead of doing SLI right away, i decided to take the one already in my machine out, and run the new card by itself to make sure there's no problems with it. It was purchased as a Liquidation Sale. I made sure this new card wasn't processed before through EVGA. So i called them up and they said the card's never been there so that was good to also know it has warrenty. Okay.. So i ran skyrim ONCE on this card for like 5 minutes, then it closed on me instantly. Now, i can't even see the Main Menu anymore it just instantly closes immediately. I've run this game perfectly fine before on my previous card i have sitting on my shelf. I tried

-Uninstalling all Drivers. Reinstalled the LATEST Drivers. (Nothing)
-Did that Sound audio thing people talk about. (Nothing)
-Turned off, on features in the Nvidia Control Panel (Nothing)

I seriously don't know what the heck happened. I haven't done ANYTHING to the game. The only thing i didn't do is put my other card back on. This isn't about the other card, this is about THIS card and making sure it's fine. Any suggestions on what i could do or why this happened? I'm also going to probably reformat Windows making everything refreshed later on. Let me know what i can do. Please, try to help me as soon as you can. I can't contact EVGA until the 2nd of January now. I don't want to assume this card is messed up. Then again if it was, i wouldn't be on here right now typing this up.
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  1. Update Post: I just installed my first card, and now it's doing it to that one too. Sooooo.... Yeah i dunno what to do here. Perhaps reformating might help? Maybe when i installed the other card into that slot it messed things up?
  2. geez.. i just tried a system restore back to the 30th. Still doing it. I think i screwed up my game.
  3. Nevermind. Board Closed. I reformated my computer.
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