What should i upgrade in my computer for gaming?

Here are my computer specs:

Motherboard:Asus M4A785T-M
Processor:Amd Athlon II x2 250 3.0 GHz
Memory: 8GB dual channel ddr3 1600mhz
Hdd:WD caviar blue 500GB
Graphics:AMD Radeon HD 6670 1gb ddr5
PSU:corsair 650W
Monitor;Philips 202E (1600x900@60Hz) LCD 20" here's the link for monitor http://www.mea.philips.com/c/pc-monitor/20-inch-50.8-cm-e-line-hd-plus-202e2sb_69/prd/;jsessionid=180B2CEE0E9AAA556FBD3A6AA69113D4.app102-drp3

I have 300$ so i can only upgrade CPU and GPU or Monitor.What are your recommendations?
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  1. i upgrade CPU
  2. and that is all
  3. 5000S but it will do more
  4. GPU is your main priority,
    The CPU will be good for a year max, then you need to upgrade to match whatever GPU you get :), GOodluck! :D
  5. GPU is the most important
    then CPU.
  6. Ok, i will buy new cpu&gpu.Thanks so much guys and Happy New Year! :D
  7. i guess most of these guys havent heard of bottlenecking...
    your gpu is pretty well ballanced against your current cpu, but if you but a bigger 1 it will start bottlenecking. so a new cpu perferably a phenom 2 960 would be your first choice and that will allow you to buy any gfx card up to a 660ti or gtx570 or gtx480
    or ati hd 5870/6950/7850 again if you go higher your likely to encounter bottlenecking.
    if you want the best gfx cards then you will need to jump to intel based platform as they offer more bandwidth to cope with the newer high end offerings.
  8. Ok,im gonna buy hd 6870 and which one is better amd phenom 2 965 or phenom 2 960t?(im not gonna overclock cpu)?
  9. aonor said:
    GPU is the most important
    then CPU.

    Bottlenecking, my friend. If he got a more powerful GPU and kept that old CPU he wouldn't have a very good experience. He needs to upgrade both at once.
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