Need help running Skyrim in SLI with 2 GTX 670 FTW

Sorry about my last board, but i finally got everything renew now but Skyrim is lagging, temporary freezing or giving me black screens in SLI Mode. Any help please? The cards are also getting extremely hot. So hot that even Windows itself laggs. I had to do a force restart and when i came back into Windows, my Drivers were knocked out. I had to install them again. :(
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  1. Aaaa noooo. Wrong section of the boards. Stupid me ;___; Board closed sorry!
  2. Oh GREAT now i can't post anymore boards. I'm gonna be stuck with this issue all night now.
  3. Fianlly figured it out. Turns out my motherboard (G1 Sniper 3) has an additional SATA power port you were suppose to plug into when 2 or more graphics cards are installed. STUPID ME.... All figured out now. Board Closed. (Why did i even make boards...? I should of just taken the time to figure things out first LOL)
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