Overclocking my pc

First of all I will list my pc.
Pentium 4 2.6c
Prolink PixelView GeForce FX 5900 256MB
2X256 DDR333 Corsair XMS Low Latency Series
Maxtor Diamond Plus 9 120G SATA HD 8mb buffer
Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer
LiteOn 48X24X48X CD-RW 16X DVD-ROM Combo
Acer 16X DVD-ROM

I downloaded and installed the new Detonator v52.13 beta drivers (which dont have support for the 5900 or 5900ultra listed in the text file). Flashed my mobo bios to newest 1.7. and jumped my FSB up to 240. I continued to up the FSB in 2Mhz increments then test with 3DMark03 two demos: Proxycon & CPU test 1. I reached a FSB speed of 246Mhz (X4 so 984Mhz and CPU speed of 3198Mhz) before having to up voltage. I raised the cpu voltage to 1.5750V from 1.5250V and the memory from 2.5V to 2.7V. I continued to raise the FSB with the same steps as previously discussed. I reached a final speed of 256Mhz or 1024Mhz and cpu speed of 3328Mhz before stoping. Idle temp of 31C and 38C with load.

I clocked the video card from 400mhz core and 850mhz memory to 446mhz core and 950mhz. Although after updating to the beta drivers from the 45.xx auto detecting now tells me that I can reach 497mhz core and 1ghz memory clock which isnt very real. oh and another thing, normal temp is 40C and after the beta drivers it is now 50C.

After all the above I ran a 3DMark03 bench with all except for the last sound test (unsupported by audigy gamer). After the full bench I recieved a rancid score of 6350. When using the the 45.xx drivers I can recieve 7500+ with these clock speeds. Hopefully Im just seeing a good thing, improvments in the driver for games and not benchmarks.

So, what do you guys think I can get this comp upto just by increasing the clock speed and voltage? Any suggestions? Drivers, bios updates, ect.

I hope to hear some good suggestions lol and maybe a few bumps lol.
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  1. Did you just buy the video card and you overclocked it right away?

    -Intel PIV 2.6C @ 3.51G -Asus P4P800 -OCZ Copper 2x256 4000EL memory @ 270mhz 2.5-4-4-8 -Sapphire 9800pro @ 490/780 -SB audigy -120G Maxtor Diamond Plus9 S-ATA150 hdd -450 Enermax PSU
  2. Since he just bought it. He may have time to take it back and buy a 9800Pro.
  3. lol no, I wish I just bought it. Then I would take it back. I have had this POS 5900ultra for like 3months or something around that... blah
    I would rather sell this and buy a 9800XT

    And I just double checked something. I can only get a core speed of 427 and memory of 936 with v45.xx drivers but with the new 52 beta I can get higher clocks??? WTF they must be doing some serious overhaul to actually change what a card can clock to, not counting making the card run 10C hoter on idle.
    lol if I knew 9800 was soo much better before I bought this I wouldnt have.

    -hind site is always 20/20

  4. Why not take it to Ebay to see what you can get for it. At least that way you can get most of your money back.
  5. The reason why i asked is that if you overclock your card right away without some heavy 3d applications burning your on-board memory, you will dammage the memory chips. Never overclock a video card's memory frequency until you have burned it for at least 1 week.

    -Intel PIV 2.6C @ 3.51G -Asus P4P800 -OCZ Copper 2x256 4000EL memory @ 270mhz 2.5-4-4-8 -Sapphire 9800pro @ 490/780 -SB audigy -120G Maxtor Diamond Plus9 S-ATA150 hdd -450 Enermax PSU
  6. Yea I was thinking about it. That way I could get the 9800 Pro or XT or something lol I would be willing to fork over some extra cash for an XT! ebay has a bunch of 5900 ultras on right now and they are all going for ~300+ so I dont know if I could get anything out of mine or not.

  7. I am sure I have had quite a few gaming hours on this video card lol. Probably more like gaming weeks. I bought this card when nvidia was cheating in thier drivers and 5900 had won 75%+ of the benches. The biggest resason for me to go and sell this card and by a 9800XT is to play HL2. I was a huge half-life'r and then counterstrike (back from beta 7). Also when I had a GF2MX400 64mb ram & geforce tweak utillity lol good ole days.

  8. Hi Guy,

    I wander whether Notebook can have a flexible speed perfomance by overclocking, or under clocking pc clock.
    If it is possable, could you give me any advice for that way ?
    As I heard, ASUS Notebook has a functiuon like that.

    Model name? company? cost?
    Plesse, let me know about this...

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