A7N8X w/ide raid problems

I have the ASUS A7n8x with a 2700+ and I cant get the board to post at all when I have a promise super trak PCI raid controller plugged into the PCI. I have updated my bios and still cant get anything to happen. The board works fine with my PCI SCSI controller but no response from the IDE Raid.

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  1. u have to give more details

    AMD 2500+ @ 3200+ - Volcano 9 - A7N8X/DLX - Corsair XMS TWINX 3200LL 1024MB - GF 3 TI-200 - 2x WD Raptor RAID 0 - Maxtor DiamondMax Plus9 120Gb 7200rpm Special Edition - Hiper 420w.
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