External hard drive clinging

Hello, my WD external hard-drive is making a strange cclicking sound and is not showing up on my desktop. What can i do to retrieve my files-i know the HDD is probably dead.
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  1. oops,
    Plug it into computer and run chkdsk /r <drive letter:>
    Then access your data. when all locks up again repeat the chkdsk and keep trying until it works no more.
  2. clicking sounds from hard drives and no access is not a good sign. i do fear for your data.
  3. mhelm1, his drive is already external :-)

    Clicking is probably the worst type of issue to deal with as it's physical. There is a trick that can be tried, but it's a very low chance of working. Freeze the drive for several hours, wrap it in a paper towel to absorb moisture, and if you have one of those packets that absorb moisture you get with shoes and such, place that next to the drive. Then try using it again. The cold will shrink the components and there is a chance that they can shift around enough to function again, even if for a short time.

    Other than a full disk recovery by a pro shop I don't think you will get anywhere with the drive.
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