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have just installed GTA 4 in my system, and its running like a cowww, i've tried it on lowest graphics setting..... still very slow, Here is my system config...
Windows 7
i5 intel processor with 2.90 Ghz
8 GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB Hard Disk
Asus NVIDIA GeForce EN210 1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card

Pls. do needfull help..
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  1. Get a better graphics card that one is not designed for gaming and I thin kis the worst card you can still buy.
  2. so which G-Card will be the best for this ??
  3. Whats your budget and what resolution do you use?
  4. on 1024p or 1920p, both have same result !!!!! which'll be the best for this game ? n thanx for de reply
  5. i'm using 42 full hd led screen !!! i need performance, money doesnt matter ! suggest me the best
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    If money is no object then a GTX 680 or if you board supports SLi then 2 x 680s but its more than you really need a Radeon 7850 2Gb will be more than enough for that title. Note the game is poorly optimised for PC and can run badly on the best hardware.
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