Optical Mice, Are they better?!?

Are optical mice better for gaming, for say counter strike?? i like IBMs three button optical but im wanting to know if they really are better for gaming than a normal wheel mouse! THANKs!
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  1. I have an optical mouse and its great. They are definantly better. If the one you are looking at is USB it will respond quicker than PS/2

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  2. You probably won't notice a difference between USB and PS/2.

    Optical mice are way better, though. I have the Logitech cordless optical mouse, and I love it.

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  3. I have the logitech optical cordless too, one thing I noticed is that acceleration is turned on by default- made me really sick in games, is fine when turned off though.
    They arnt cheap, but they are very good.

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  4. I like a little bit of acceleration, but you're right, it's definitely noticeable. I turned mine down a bit.

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  5. ARgh...I have a optical logitech wheelman mouse...and for me its terrible. If you move the mouse too fast it loses its tracking...very annoying in games. Most of my friends don't notice because they use a higher sensitivity so they don't have 2 move the mouse as fast as me, but I like low sensitivity because I play counter strike (more accurate shots =) I wish there was a way 2 increase the bandwidth the device used so it wouldn't lose its tracking...

    In my opinion a good trackball is still better although a higher end optical mouse probably doesn't have this silly problem.
  6. Are you sure acceleration is turned off on the mouse settings in control panel? this is what I was referring to in the above post, also in most (well a lot of) games you can tune the mouse sensitivity in the game itself independantly from windows.

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  7. Yes I know these things...I don't use acceleration either. In regular windows when I move the mouse across fairly long distances at high speeds it just goes bezerk. Its totally hilarious. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY RECOMMENDATIONS ON A OPTIC MOUSE THAT KEEP UP WITH FAST PACE GAMING? I heard the microsoft explorer is nice but I don't like purchasing anything from microsoft...
  8. Calm down, buddy.

    The MS one is nice, but it's too light for me. I like my mice to have a bit of feel to them. The shape is nice. Side buttons aren't that great.

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  9. I use the logitech optical cordless, have no problems in games (mainly Quake2!!, counterstrike, bit of UT)

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  10. Same mouse here, love it. I play Tribes 2, UT, Rogue spear, a little of Quake III, etc.

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  11. I think so, i use it all the time for drawing in corel or photoshop. i don't think i could go back to the wheel

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  12. I have read that the Logitech dual-optical mouse doesn't have this problem. But it's not cordless ... not yet.


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  13. I have an Intellimouse explorer 3. It works great. I do not have to clean the mouse any more.
  14. Did you know that Logitech just put a bit of steel in the mouse to make it feel heavy? Well, at least for the dual mouseman optical.

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  16. Good question.
  17. Lol- well, at leats i have some opinions on optical mice now:)

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