Can I install Mac OS X on this build?

Gigabyte G41-Combo
Pentium Core 2 E6600 3.06 GHz
3Gb 667MHz RAM
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  1. Do a Google search for tonymacx86 and find the list of supported motherboards. Some work, some don't, that's the easiest way to find out if your mobo is compatible.
  2. Your board supports booting off of a boot CD (such as iBoot) and using a retail disk to install Snow Leopard for sure. Then you have to look into a variety of issues, such as audio, network, CPU support like speedstep, sleep, etc.

    A retail install will get you started, then you look to update using combo updates. If you can get your system to 10.6.8, then you can download the kexts that you need for full system support.

    That board may have a patched DSDT available through other websites....not necessary but a DSDT is the best way to enable all of your hardware and features such as sleep/reset.
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