Any low spec single-player RPG games?

Hi everyone,

Right no I have a really bad desktop, I will be getting a new one in about a month, but for now I am stuck with this one.


AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 2.8 GHz


nVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

I would like to know if anyone knows of some old, low spec, preferably free single-player RPGs. Something along the lines of the TES games, where it's first person. (I don't like top down). Also it has to be 3D

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  1. One that I have recently gotten into is an indie game called "Unreal World". It is more of an old school survival rpg set in finlad during the late iron age. It is really cool and only 3 bucks. I bought it when I heard it has been in developmnent for over 20 years.
  2. It may be a top down view but worth checking out since it is free. Battle for Wesnoth, 1GHz CPU, 515MB RAM, and did not say anything about needing more then integrated graphics. It is also a free open source game that is cross platform with Linux and comes in a portable edition from
  3. Some of the best RPGs out there are older. Any of the older Ultima games along with classics like Planescape and the first Fallout titles should do you fine. Forunatly they are good enough to play on weak systems with low settings and still enjoy them. A game like KOTOR just doesn't work with all the bells and whistles turned off.

    edit: I just noticed you said "free" and that you don't like top down. Kindly disregard my entire post! :D
  4. dragon age origins works for me on medium an my specs are

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 2.4 GHz

    4 gig ram

    amd radeon hd 6370d integrated graphics

    hope this helps.
  5. The Elder Scrolls: morrowind is very low demand, and one of my best games, Diablo II is pretty good, Dungeon Siege II is pretty good too...

    you can get good deals on these games in thrift stores (my buddy got dungeon siege for a quarter)
  6. Yeah, Morrowind is a great game. Combat is lacking, but storyline pretty much overshadows that flaw. But... it's not a free game...
  7. Hey dude! Try, see, there are many old games for really cheap :) I bought myself some games there.. I've got a shitty graph-card, but see what i can run for singleplayer games:

    Flatout 2
    Call of Duty 2 (Great Game! (very cheap))
    The Penumbra Series (if you like horror)
    GUN (western FreeRoam shooter with many missions, only the final boss is hard to beat! :3)
    Rainbow Six RavenShield
    YHTFTE (Dont ask it, just google it.. -.-)
    Half Life 2 (Cheap on Steam)
    DOOM 3 (Awesome game, you have to love it :))

    Thats not all, there's many more, but you have 2 google it yourself.. But really, try, very good site for good old singleplayer games ;)
  8. Here are some to think about:

    TES Daggerfall(Its free and it runs in DOS-Box, so you should have no trouble running that.)
    Call of duty 4(On low, But still very nice)
    LOMAC(Lock-on Modern air combat, Very good flight sim. Although I recommend running on low)
    YS-Flight(Worst graphics possibly ever for a flight sim, But I am personally addicted to this xD)

    There are quite a few, Check out for some free indie games. Also many other useful references on the internets :P

    Happy gaming! xD
  9. Hi Euphoriax!
    Check out this website dedicated to this kind of topic, it's called I'm sure you'll find some great suggestions on there. There's also a list for the best low spec pc games of 2013, and also some tips on how you can boost your pc performance.. Enjoy!
  10. sas secure tomorrow is nice game
  11. Delver is a first person randomized ARPG with an emphasis on dungeon crawling. It's extremely easy to run. My netbook handles it maxed with no problems. Not free though.

    There's also TES: Daggerfall. In the tradition of Elder Scrolls games, it's first person and open world. It went free a couple years back when Skyrim released, and Bethesda now hosts a free download for it on their official site. It's completely compatible with DOSbox. My netbook has some framerate slowdowns in parts of the game, but it's actually weaker than your current PC, so I doubt you'll have problems. Ofc my desktop handles it fine.

    Drakan: Order of the Flame is an old action-based somewhat open-world RPG. Not first person unfortunately, but I think it's classified as abandonware, as the company that made it collapsed and there was recently a fan 'remake' of sorts available for free.

    Enclave is an old single player RPG from like 2001 or 2003. Seeing as it's really old, it can't be too hard to run. Great level design, but it's not open world. It has options for a first person and third person camera, which can be toggled with the "G" key, but third person is more polished. It's not free, but it is on sale on Steam right now for $1.

    Arx Fatalis is a semi-open-world first person single player RPG. It has some compatibility issues with modern hardware, but there's a fan patch/remake/installer called Arx Libertatis to fix those issues, and the company that made it patched in Windows 7 support on the 10th anniversary. It's not free, but it is cheap ($5) on Steam.
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