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Update: You probably noticed that in my guide there aren't any instructions on how to overclock the new LGA775 chips, they're all the same principal, push vcore up slightly, go bit by bit, like 5FSB. I will be writing a new extensive guide on what hardware is needed and how to overclock the Socket775 chips, once the Presler and Cedar Mill core CPU's are released.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by scottchen on 07/25/05 05:39 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. How about a guide on overclocking an mPGA-478 P4's.
  2. What about a Celeron guide?
  3. How to overclock my Intel P4 630 3.0 GHz (Prescott) in Bios ?
    Help Me plz i think this overclock option is disabled.
  4. Quote:
    What about a Celeron guide?


    shock, what brand/model board do you have? if you're lucky i will recognise the bios type and be able to tell you waht you need to do.
  5. До каких частот можно разогнать Pentium D 820? И на сколько это выгодно (по производительности)? Up to what frequencies it is possible to disperse Pentium D 820? And on how many it is favourable (on productivity)?
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    sry dude translation plz
  7. Ты вообще понял что написал? если да, то переводи сам, потому что на кривых языках я не разговариваю! You in general have understood that have written? If yes, translate itself because in curve languages I do not talk!
  8. Как мне свой 5800 баллов в 3D Mark 2005 увеличить до 6500? Память гнать бесполезно. Мой компьютер: Intel Pentium D 820, MSI 945P neo2 F, 2*512 Kingston pc-5300, nVidia 7600 GT. How to me the 5800 points in 3D Mark 2005 to increase up to 6500? Memory to drive it is useless. My computer: Intel Pentium D 820, MSI 945P neo2 F, 2*512 Kingston pc-5300, nVidia 7600 GT.
  9. Nobody understands you matey. You need to check your post and try and send it in english, in some kind of sentenced, understandable structre!

    Either that or try and find a russian overclock forum?

    Good luck in your attemps anyway :)
  10. Forums to search to me for laziness, and that he is well overclocked I know, simply wished to know up to what limits. And here the "Project 5Gh " has come having recollected a roller .
  11. The link is dead. Does anyone know if this guide is hosted somewhere else or where I can find a similar guide to show me how to overclock my P4 3.0E?
  12. Quote:
    How about a guide on overclocking an mPGA-478 P4's.
    yea what he said. specifically pc4 2.8ghz ones to 3.0ghz.
  13. :?: hi, any know which version of Memtest86 should i dl for window Xp sp2. plz specific one. tahx in advance
  14. I have a P4 3.2 6XX H/T 800 FSB.... P5ND2 SLI MOBO.... mushkin ddr2 533 mhz 4-4-4-12... Ultra xfinity 500 watt psu... Ultra cpu cooler 3.2-3.8

    current setting:

    core speed-- 3920.2 mhz
    mutiplier-- X16
    buss speed-- 245 mhz
    rated fsb-- 950 mhz

    memory timing: original setting 4-5-5-13 dual channel

    frequency-- 245 mhz
    fsb:dram-- 1:1
    cas# latency-- 2.0 clocks
    ras# to cas# delay--3 clocks
    ras# precharge-- 3 clocks
    cycle time (tras)-- 5 clocks
    bank cycle time (trc)-- 9 clocks

    With this new settings it do not hang up. I tried burning movies using nero7 ulra edition. Also running at the same time, avira anti virus (scanning), Azureus and U-torrent downloading at the same time.... With all this running do not hang-up... with this load temp. is 36c to 42c.... with no load its 24c... mobo stays on 36 all the time
  15. well i have a celeron d 2.5ghz i want to over clock along with a 3.6ghz lga 775 ht.
  16. Useful guide, but doesn't mention what you can get away with setting a 3.4 S478 exteme edition to :(
  17. Sure wish i would't have bought the mighty un-overcockable ECS motherboard when i got my p4, good article though
  18. thanks for all you hard work on the guides.

    I just ordered an asus board and I have a pentium d 945.
    Hopefully all will go well.

    Im certain you will here from me when its all together.
    Im going to try to compare what you wrote to what i have before I ask any questions
  19. Quote:
    My P4 3.2 GHz HT runs smoothly and cool up to 3.6 GHz.

    At 3.8 it crashed with little load.
    Using stock cooler.

    All the OC has been done with the Asus tool.

    I am wondering if replacing the stock Intel cooler for a Zalman CNPS9500 LED would improve anything...

    I have a Pentium 4 3.2 w/ht overclocked to 4 ghz@1.41v on thermalright air cooler

    2x1 gig of mushkin ddr2 533mhz 4-4-4-12 2T @1.85v running on 500mhz 3-3-3-9 1T@1.85v
    2x1 gig of G.skill ddr2 533mhz 4-4-4-12 2T @1.85v running on 500mhz 3-3-3-9 1T@1.85v

    on a p5nd2 - sli mobo
  20. have s478 p4 3.0 ghz @ 3.7 on air with zalman flower cooler, Relax memory to 333 in bios, ramp volts to 1.415 on cpu and tickle fsb up to 247mhz, fsb then effectively 988 mhz and clock at 3705 mhz. memory nearly back up to 400mhz

    have pushed to 3.9ghz but needed window above pc open to super cool room to middle winter in midlands temp to keep stable on air lol
  21. ^Oh yeah? I have a Celeron 315 2.66 OCed to 3.6+Ghz.


  22. This sticky sucks! Will somebody link a good P4 OC guide please.
  23. It's painful I know, but look here
  24. randomizer said:
    It's painful I know, but look here

    Hmm...I usually use this, but for some reason it doesn't help me at all. And before you call me a noob, I already checked the FAQ.
  25. Man that's so funny. I guess I was just wondering why this broken sticky hasn't been removed.

    Plus the formant, type, font, color, etc. on the other OC forums aren't user friendly. I like to do my reading here whenever possible. It has nothing to do with being lazy or incompetent.
  26. Well maybe somebody should actually write a sticky-worthy article, rather than just link to another (very poor) article.
  27. isn't overclocking a P4 at this point kind of like sleeping with your sister? sure it's fun while it lasts, but afterwards, it's still wrong... I mean there are so many chips out there that can blow a P4(even a massively OC'd one) off the map without needing LN2 cooling or a fission reactor to keep them going.
  28. Of course, but some people don't have the money or a reason to upgrade from the wonder chip of the cretaceous period, and/or just want to have fun trying to burn the thing up. The linked guide isn't really showing them how to blow up their chip.
  29. What makes me confused is that this thread was made in '03 while the next post was made 2years later. When was this thread stickied? Why was it stickied??

    Anyways, this Sticky is useless, the you can use the C2D OCing guide as a guideline, since it's the same concept.
  30. Agreed. Only if the C2D guide says "make sure your cooler is seated correctly" you should read "Make sure you have a freaking huge cooler and that it's seated correctly.
  31. I have a sealed cooler at the moment I broke the seal too get a coors out.
  32. randomizer said:
    Agreed. Only if the C2D guide says "make sure your cooler is seated correctly" you should read "Make sure you have a freaking huge cooler and that it's seated correctly.

    And add "Do NOT fry eggs on top of your freaking huge cooler."
  33. Eggs drip on your motherboard... BAD!
  34. You can use a pot, dummy.
  35. *slaps forehead*
  36. I would love to see someone cook up some food with heat supplied only by P4's. would probably only take 2 or 3 of them to do the trick.
  37. That's some nice overclocking there, the dude with the celeron. I just tried re-overclocking my p4 for some fun before I make my new system, I got it up to 3.66 doing the manual overclock with some tighter timings for my corsair ram. I am only using stock cooler though, I might be able to squeeze a little more out of it though.

    I have a question though, how come it won't let me go higher? do I need more voltage or what? Because the temp is still at 40c not even warm.
  38. e36_Jeff said:
    I would love to see someone cook up some food with heat supplied only by P4's. would probably only take 2 or 3 of them to do the trick.

    I saw a video where someone cooked an egg on an xbox 360. :)
  39. I've gotten my P4 631 up to 4.2GHz stable (15x multiplier) on a Gigabyte EP35-DS3R. With the stock heatsink, it was at about 47C. I'm using this and not a dual core becuase I was able to pick this one up brand new for dirt cheap off of ebay. Factory sealed too. It's sitting in my fist build which I got up and running a few days ago. Planning on upgrading it in a few months, hopefully.

    Anyway, I just want to know the maximum voltage this thing will handle without destroying itself. Intel says 1.325GHz, but I'm guessing it's more like 1.4/1.5 as the 661's envelope is 1.25-1.4.

    Can someone clarify?
  40. pls help me...how to overlock my pentium 4...
  41. Does any one know how much an 900mhz duron processor will oc to
  42. i had a p4 531 a while back on arctic freezer 7 got 3.9 at about 1.43 i think, as for they guys with 900mhz duron, the old athons dont like much in terms of raising fsb, if u can id suggest upping the multi
  43. ss
  44. I recently purchased some RAM that is PC2 5300 (DDR2 667) - my P4 has a 800mhz fsb. I was wondering if I could just do some simple modification to increase my FSB without really messing around with the core speed.
  45. You Overclockers are gonna love this!!!!!!!


  46. cool...!
  47. Hey, I know this is a stupid question, but I only got into the hardware parts of computers since around December this year, so I missed out on socket 478 stuff ^.^ My dad bought the P4 at the end of the P4 generation so it sucked. Some friend of his suggested all the parts and put it together for my dad. Incase you're wondering, it's P4 3.0ghz socket 478 (forgot stepping), no name DDR1 512m ram, Radeon 9250 128m DDR2, 80gig hard drive (never heard of brand), ASUS P4S800 mobo.

    Got it from 200x15 to 210x15 with no voltage change. Can't go any higher cuz stupid $25 PSU gets jumpy under load, horrible Vcore under load, and the darn P4's at like 54 celcius during OCCT. Anyone willing to explain to tell me how I can take off Intel's stock heatsink? (so I can put some arctic silver on it :) I remember that I may have tried pulling on it really hard when I was younger... didn't come off though)

    So yea, just asking, how to take off the stock heatsink XD I'm familiar with AM2/3 sockets, if that's relevant...
  48. If bios can't change ur fsb setting,u can try genclock software...maybe can help u...
  49. I have a pentium 4 CPU 2.4 GHz, is it possible for this CPU to be overclocked? well, I have a white macbook also, but i want to try myslef in overclocking on that old PC.
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