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i have a laptop not really designed for awesome game graphics however i want to improve that has pentium dual core CPU T4300 @ 2.10Ghz with 4gb of ram. i dont really know what all that means but i would like to get the best graphics card for Empire Total War which i think involves an intel card?
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  1. Unfortunately, you aren't able to upgrade graphics cards (or in this case, graphics chips) in laptops. The only thing you can do is buy more RAM, but with 4GB I'm guessing you're at max capacity.

    Try turning all the graphic settings to the lowest they can go. If it's still laggy to the point of not being playable, I think you're just out of luck...sorry.
  2. actually you can upgrade you need to pay a pro to do it(frys,geek squad) both nvidia and amd(formerly ati) both make moblie cards
  3. Your laptop has to actually support those upgrades; most with onboard graphics don't. Plus, there is more to upgrading laptop graphics than simply plunking a chip into a socket... if your laptop wasn't designed with that chip in mind, you will likely have heat issues. Not to mention that the power requirements may be steeper.

    Some laptops were designed to allow graphics cards upgrades; but those upgrades must be purchased from the laptop manufacturer as they are proprietary. Chances are, however, if your laptop did not include a discrete graphics module from the start... there is likely no chance of adding one.
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