Does mouse acceleration on windows carry over into your game settings?

I hate having Mouse Acceleration on in games because it makes you more inaccurate and it's hard to compensate for, but I do like it enabled in Windows for browsing and general use. Does it carry over the settings that you have enabled for your mouse if you have mouse acceleration on in Windows, to your game?

Also, is it just me, or after turning off Mouse Acceleration I'm having a really hard time clicking things and I keep having to readjust the position of my mouse on the mousepad?
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  1. Yes, it does for many games, but not all. That is why the software for most mice include multiple profiles and a button on the mouse to switch to them. Many games also give you mouse adjustments in game.
  2. yes but it also depens on the game. planetside 2 allows the user to select raw mouse input wich will bypass windows acceleration. there are reg tweaks for windows to permanently disable acceleration in windows whether it will over ride the acceleration on the mouse is another thing. sometimes mice use there own hardware to enable it and this cant be turned off. it can be turned down to appear to be off but sometimes as with the lachesis this turns into negative acceleration...
    try the reg tweaks and see if they work.

    open notepad and create a doc called mouse fix.reg and add this to it
    everything under this line---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse]
  3. You claim that acceleration undoubtfully makes a huge difference for you and, thereby, ask if it does because you cannot feel it. How do you know about the difference so certainly if you cannot experience it? Where is the logic?
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