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I just hooked up my PS3 Super Slim to my LCD monitor with HDMI cable, but there's no video - that "snow" effect appeared when I plugged in the HDMI cable into PS3, and when I take it out, the screen goes to black with the message "no signal".

So as I understand, there IS a signal, but for some reason there is no video. I've changed monitor settings to DVI (there's only DVI and VGA in settings, not much else to change). The monitor doesn't have any other connection, like VGA, composite or Scart.

Any ideas what's happening? Do I need a VGA connection on the monitor? If so, that sounds a bit ridiculous, as I didn't buy VGA monitor because figured that I would never need it (especially for a console of the year 2012).

Thanks for any tips guys!
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  1. Have you tried a different HDMI cable? I have had one fail on me for no apparent reason but I lost total signal.
  2. No, HDMI cable is fine, as I'm using it with my laptop to monitor.

    I forgot to mention, it's HDMI to DVI cable, as my monitor is DVI only. However it is still suppose to work, right?

    Monitor: Philips 226V3LSB LCD LED 21.5" DVI
  3. If you saw snow, I'm pretty sure the problem lies within the console. Is this a new console?
  4. Have you tried to keep pushing the PS3 power button till you hear a sound from the console after connecting it with the monitor.
  5. Yep, many many times. Nothing happens. I finally got pissed off, ordered HDMI cable (not HDMI to DVI) and new HDMI monitor. We'll see...
  6. Sunius said:
    If you saw snow, I'm pretty sure the problem lies within the console. Is this a new console?

    Yeah, fresh new console from SimplyGames. PS3 Super Slim 500GB, September 2012 make.
  7. I agree with Sunius. If you have proved the monitor and cable are ok using your laptop then that only leaves your PS3?
  8. That would be my first suspect. Could you bring it back to the shop if it wasn't bought online and ask them to test it?
  9. You might have to set it up on a normal TV with the standard composite lead to output hdmi properly when using one of those adapters, had a similar issue on my nephews PS3 and a DVI to HDMI converter, normally you set the res to 800x600 and set the audio to analog and then move the ps3 to the DVI monitor and it should just work (auto detection is a little sketchy with the converters).
  10. Sunius said:
    That would be my first suspect. Could you bring it back to the shop if it wasn't bought online and ask them to test it?

    Unfortunately, it was bought online from SimplyGames dot com. I've emailed them to ask what would they advise and how do I go about returning it.

    In the mean time, I'm waiting for my new HDMI monitor and HDMI cable to arrive, should be with me some time next week. I'll test it out with them.

    Sadly I don't have a TV where to I could test it, and nobody I know does. I can't believe that you have to play around like that with a piece of hardware with the name Sony on it, in the last stage of it's life. So cheap... I knew I should've went with Xbox! :)

    Thanks for the help guys. Any addition ideas are very much welcome!
  11. Alright, after a lot of research, I've noticed one small thing: for PS3's HDMI to Monitor's DVI connection, monitor has to also support HDCP. Now it seems that the monitor that I am currently using isn't supporting it, unless HDCP is something that comes with every DVI connection? If not, then it wasn't mentioned in Philips' technical details. My monitor: Philips 226V3LSB LCD LED 21.5" DVI

    Anyone think that might be the case? I really hope it is!
  12. It does support HDCP. That was the first thing I checked. And it is mentioned in your tech specs.
  13. I see. That's no good then.

    Anyway, I can return the item and they fill refund it, but I will still have about £20 for delivery. Such BS...
  14. Have you changed the setting to output the video through hdmi. There's 2 ways to do so the first was is to go to settings and display then choose hdmi as the output and then the second way is to hold down the power button when its off until you hear a beep then keep holding till you hear two beep and if it shuts off before hearing two beeps turn it on and try again and i should work the second time trust me i have done this many times and it always worked. :) Add Me: GameSta21
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