Windows Crashes when playing high end games please help :(

I've had this problem before and it stopped. But today my computer has crashed 3 times in the last 2 hours. Each time I was playing a high end game.
First time: Battlefield3
Second time: Assassins creed 3
Third time: Minecraft (Not a high end game)
My computer will freeze in place then it will either restart which it does most of the time without a blue screen. Last blue screen I got a Attempt_write_on_readonly_memory.
I recently clean swiped and installed Windows8, It did this on windows 7 also tho.
Intel core 2 quad Q6600
GTX 560
8gb DDR3 1866
500gb sata HDD
I don't know what the problem is. A friend said if might be my power supply.

APEVIA ATX-CB700W 700W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Power Supply - OEM
Any ways I could easily check if it is?
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  1. It's either the power supply unit or memory. There's no easy way to test the power supply unit, but you can check the memory. Use memtest for that.

    Make sure to wait for at least 3 passes!
  2. I have an EVGA 7901-FTW motherboard. Everything is pretty much new in my computer. My ram is stock. I bought the cpu and motherboard off my cousin and he has never has any problem with it. He checked it out for me and said it was my power supply. I just wanted second opinions. My cpu is over clocked to 3.0ghz which is what he always ran it at. At 100% full load I stay a constant 35 C
  3. It never restarted till like 8 months after I got it. So im guessing my power supply might be bad cause my ram is new
  4. Well news update. It just restarted while I was defraging my disk.... Not running anything else. It just restarted.
  5. I have gskill sniper 2x4gb 1866 ram. I have them in slots 1 and 3 so they are not next to eachother.. All timings are correct. 9-10-9-28 If I do recall. I'm running memtest right now.
  6. Corrects I have them in slots 0 and 1. It says anything over 1600mhz needs to be in slots 2 and 3 if I'm reading this right
  7. I have the same ram that my cousin had in there. He is a wiz at computers and told showed me how to time and configure the bios to enable the 2x4gb configuration. He has never had problems with it in the past. The only thing I can think of is I had my ram in the blue slots(1600mhz> or less) and not in the black slot (1600< or more.) I will try this out to troubleshoot more, I have also read that the configuration will work and that other people have done it BUT only if your bios setting are modified. I know that the bios wont read my ram well at presets for voltages and timings. But it worked fine but ill try swapping the ram slots and see how it goes.
  8. I've read this and the 2x4gb configuration works error free on the EVGA 790i FTW
  9. I'm still waiting for that memtest result.
  10. Hi, I would suggest straining your system with prime95 AND furmark at the same time this will put a HEAVY load on your PSU, chances are that is the culprit. I always suggest a high quality PSU, after all one faulty diode or solder-bridge and you can damage components.

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