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I currently have a Samsung S24B30BL. I`m looking to upgrade but want a monitor which I can flip from my console to computer easily with VGA and HDMI. I was wondering if this would even be an upgrade or if there`s monitor that is highly recommended below 200$.

This is the current one I`m interested in.

Thank you very much for the help !
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  1. Hey TPMYPP,

    Just had a quick look and the one you're interested in doesn't have VGA connectivity. It does have DVI however; is that good for you?
  2. The ASUS one is good. DVI is better than VGA if your videocard can take it but the it'll take VGA.
  3. Yes it is perfectly fine with me. Is there any possibility of a major difference in picture quality?
  4. Hi :)

    IIYAMA is the best by far...but expensive...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. The samsung syncmaster series are worth looking at. They have some great specs while staying on a low Price point.

    Great respond time - 2 ms (the less ms the better respond time)

    60 HZ

    Full HD 1920x1080


    21.5 inch

    only at 189.99$

    It's a bargain! :)
  6. Would something like this be a better option regarding LED and everything ?
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    Either Asus will do. They both have good connectivity; only missing DisplayPort. Asus makes pretty good value monitors because they are inexpensive and generally have good build quality. The LED backlit Asus monitor is sleeker, and lighter it will use less electricity than the 1st one you chose.

    There is no real difference between 2ms and 5ms because they are more or less just estimates used for advertising purposes. Go with the one that you like better.
  8. Okay well, my mind has been blown now because there are just about a million monitors I`ve been browsing for almost 2 and a half hours now.

    I ended up at
    (ASUS VE248Q) as being highly regarded and has really good stats
  9. So finally I made a decision a couple nights ago. And just incase anyone is still following this I chose the VS248H-P monitor. Thank you for everything again Ill always come here when I need help !
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