Compaq Mainboard and Power Supply Info?

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I have been searching the Compaq website
concerning detailed info for a TR100 motherboard and DPS-250KB-2B
Rev:02 power supply but so far nothing. Even called the support number
and was told it should be on the website but could not tell me where.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Did you find a power supply or solved the problem? I am helping a friend fix a 4409cl and the PS is broken on his also....
  2. If you need the power supply and motherboard, Go buy a new case, board, and power supply and move the parts over. Unless you can find the parts for a reasonable price on Ebay. Looks like a slow machine.
  3. can you give measurement of the PSU? I think it is a micro ATX PSU.
  4. 278645-001 44.00
    Power supply - ATX enhanced, 200 watts steady-state

    You can order it from partsurfer if you really need this. The system looks so old you just might want to get a barebones kit with the right socket and move over the existing hardware
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