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I currently have DirectX 11 installed on my computer. The first time I downloaded Battlefield 3, my GPU failed. I took it to get fixed and they told me that the problem was when Battlefield installed, it installed an older version of DirectX too. He said to make sure you do not download DirectX with the game or it will cause issues with the GPU. I have a i7 3770k and a GTX 670. Is there a way to install Battlefield 3 without the DirectX or a way to make this work? Thanks!
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  1. uninstall ALL of them and do it again, never heard of anything like that happening because of direct x to make your card fail and with the amount of gamers on here if it was a problem it would have been covered, so im thinking a conflict somewhere in the software, so reinstall, maybe even format reinstall windows and reinstall, dont take long before you start getting broken windows if you tinker (software cracks are the worst culprits as far as ive seen for this also not powering down propperly and blue screening out when stress testing, (or just stressing, as i did wyhen i turned up my multi and didnt blend p95 for long enuf ;)
  2. Thanks for replying. The guys I took it to reinstalled all drivers, reformatted and reinstalled windows, and nothing did it. This is why they just told me to not use DirectX from any game downloads. Is there a way to install Battlefield without installing the DirectX with it?
  3. Whoever told you that doesn't know what they're talking about at all.. When you install a game, it says "installing DirectX", but what it really does is checks whether DirectX is already installed. In most cases it is, so it just doesn't do anything.

    Is it still crashing? Could you describe the crashes and post your full PC specs?
  4. +1^ obviously the guy behind the counter is clueless. when you get a new game and i mean new not something thats been sitting on the shelf for 6 months. you always get the latest direct x available. often the direct x that comes with a game has updated libraries and specific additions to direct x that arnt in the standard redistributable.
    the only instances of software causing a card to fail have been when nvidia accidentally turned off the gpu fan with 2 of there driver installs. both had nothing to do with direct x. amd as far as i know havent made this mistake at least not yet.

    so yeah post your specs and post what you saw happen with the crash...
  5. It is still crashing but I found when I switch to integrated graphics the screen is fine. Obviously I can't play Battlefield 3 on Ultra with the integrated so I am bugged right now. When I start my computer with the GPU it shows horizontal, red lines across my screen. This is during when it would normally show the Asus BIOS screen. Instead it is black with the red lines. When it gets to the Windows loading screen it only shows the progress bar rather than the windows logo and then turns to a black screen. If I make it into safe made with the GPU then there are horizontal, red lines everywhere, especially over darker colors. My specs are:

    i7 3770k
    GSkill 1600 16GB
    Asus P8Z77-v Pro
    GTX 670 FTW
    Seasonic 750W Gold
    Samsung 830 256GB SSD
    WD Black 2TB
    Fractal R4
    Cooler Master 212+

    Any idea what could be causing this? Could it just be a bad GPU? Should I tried to RMA it? Thanks!
  6. sounds like you have an incompatible bios. some motherboards are shiped with i5 sandy compatible bios and have to be updated to run ivy's. if you bought your motherboard localy then take it to the shop ask them to put a sandy cpu in then update the bios to ivy compatible. you could try with the ivy already installed but personally i wouldn't risk it.

    how to find out if you need a bios update.
    go to the motherboard manufacturers site and check for bios updates. if yours is older than the newest 1s listed that support ivy then thats likely your issue.
    i just looked it up and you need at least bios version 0801
    if the link doesnt take you directly to the bios download then look yours up and click the go button. make sure you read and confirm your bios with the info given.
    you may well be compatible with your current 1 but it should be ok to update it as it will likely give better stability...
  7. My bios version is currently 1805. I RMAd my graphics card, but the problem still persists. Thanks for the idea about updating though.
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    BF3 uses a very sensitive Engine. It can output extremely impressive visuals but it's doing so by using every trick in the book (Memory timings, BIOS and other power management actually plays a role in the output, etc.).

    All this to say that troubleshooting the Frostbyte engine is much different than troubeshooting the Unreal Engine.

    Best first thing to do is...

    Click Start and type "DXDIAG" in the "search" or "Run" section.

    Then look at all the tabs and check for errors. You can also run the troubleshooting for testing your hardware. Now I'm assuming your OS is 64-bit because you've got a lot of RAM. Which means you can also do the 64-bit DXDIAG test and run that one as well.

    Let us know if you come up with any errors.
  9. I talked to EVGA and it turns out they may have sent me another bad graphics card. This is my third one in here and so far it seems to be working great. I ran the DXDIAG tests (64-bit) just barely and it passed with no errors. I will be testing BF3 and stress testing everything later today and will hopefully post my results. Thanks for all the replies!
  10. Everything is working great! I ran BF3 for 3 hours straight on Ultra settings and not a single artifact. Temps are looking amazing too. Thanks everyone for helping!
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