Wired Xbox 360 controller stopped working completely! Help!

Hey guys. I just bought a new (wired) xbox 360 controller and it worked for a few days perfectly, but when I unplugged it and then plugged it back in it stopped responding completely. The menu button doesn't light up and it is nowhere to be found in the device manager. I tried uninstalling and manually re-installing the drivers from the microsoft site as well as rebooting and trying every port. I even restored it back a couple of weeks. Nothing works. I have been at it for days and I am at a loss. Please, if someone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Nate
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  1. Is it a Microsoft remote
  2. try it in another pc

    if it still wont work then its probably faulty
  3. I have the exact same problem, it works on another computer but this one completely acts if there's nothing plugged in. I know it worked a few months back.

    Could it be related to it being used on another computer and now this one doesn't recognize it? Would be weird but I'm out of guesses here.
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